is a digital tool to relate a network of hostartists sharing non-monetary resources for artistic purposes.

A hostartist is a host for art. Anyone can be a hostartist: the spectator, the artist, the cultural actor, the technician, the amateur, the scientist, the craftsman, all those who nurture, inspire dialogue, research, sharing or provide for practical solutions. works by creating a match between the intention or need of one person and the availability of another:

dialogue on a specific topic of interest

exchanging information for research

finding or offering accommodation, e.g. for a work or creation journey, to go to a cultural event in another city, or to meet someone for a personal project.

connect persons who by meeting could share ideas or give rise to new dynamics values the person, her or his role, responsibility and power as a transmitter and propeller of art, and art as a catalyst for socio-cultural and personal development.

Bridging the structural gap that exists between the social community and art, offers an access that enhances the process of creation, beyond the finished artistic product yet without excluding it. transcends the limitations of the current market, definitions, forms and structures, providing a lowering of the costs that weigh on the cultural, creative and artistic dynamic and creating opportunities that nourish the flowering and diversity, even in less active or more marginal areas.