We are now creating a network. If you send an intention it might not find an immediate match. Please help us expand solutions and dynamics by inviting friends and acquaintances to hostartist.network. We will soon update this page with map information on current hostartists around the world. 

hostartist.network works by creating a match between the intention or need of one person and the availability of another:

  • Dialogue on a specific topic of interest. Dialogue tends to be quick questions and answers. An exchange that meets at first a short span query. 
  • Exchanging information for researchResearch tends to be of a long-term requirement of information in relation to a hostartist's work. It is guided through an exploration intent. It does not imply travelling.
  • Travel, find an accommodation, e.g. for a work or creation journey, to attend a cultural event in another city, or to meet someone for a personal project.