This section is in constant evolution and in accord to propositions made by hostartists.

Potential space: between society and art there is a space which belongs to the members of a community and its artists. Through this space lies a potentiality that responds to the specific and heterogeneous needs of a societal understanding. This space must be respected and cannot be exploited or occupied by public or private institutional intermediation.

Community: hostartists make it possible to safeguard dynamics and the development of coherent solutions to the needs of a community.

Responsibility: Art is not detached to the social environment in which it lives. It is the local and global communities that are responsible for the brewing of an artistic vision.

Expansion:'s expansion is based on real encounters. The principle of distribution is based on trust between hostartists and their commitment to the development of a creative society.

Creativity: Art needs to entertain as much as stimulate life. It can act as an access to cathartic experience. In this, both audience and artists alike are responsible for its livelihood. The value of art transcends that of a product through personal iteration, providing growth of communal bonds, vision and creativity.

Ecology: To understand complexification of social interaction as life enhancing opportunity, nourishes subtle exchange and the quality of creation. Complex personal creative dynamics balance preformatted containers of information.